Urban Remains 2008 - present

These pages have been eons in the making! Well, in my brain the thoughts & scattered images have whirled and so starts the journey. The road may have been discovered a little late, but as they say, better late than never. I've always been interested in things that others may find well, odd. I like cemeteries, I find them peaceful. I like abandoned buildings, sites, all once thriving, but now left to decay, but for me, ripe for exploring and each with it's very own story to tell me.

Hence, this page dedicated to long forgotten hospitals for the "insane," amusement parks, anything others have forgotten I want to seek out.

These pages were born on 11/3/08 and will always be under construction.

The following are places I have visited or shall we say found since this all started in August 2008.
I have unfortunately not been successful in finding or being able to "capture" all on film but this will be an ongoing journal so to speak of what I have visited and found.
Little People's Village, CT-could not locate, found McFly's restaurant, walked a road across the street from it that was blocked by a chain. Hill to my left but just plain lost.
Norwich State Hospital, CT-Pictures from the road-security stopped me before I even got a chance to explore.
Fairfield Hospital, CT-found but area filled with consruction workers.

Holyland 2008

Henryton 2008

Monroville Mall Pennslyvania (under construction)

Norwich State Hospital 2008

The Enchanted Forest 2009 (under construction)

Springfield Hospital 2009 (under construction)

Henryton Part 2 2009

Evans Cemetery Pennslyvania 2010 (under construction)

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