Norwich State Hospital October 24, 2008

Don't get to excited, PLEASE! Don't think your going to see some dramtically awesome photo's here! Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones to be "caught" by Security (of course I made myself an easy target by being right out in the open, main road). I use the term loosely.."caught" as I hadn't even stepped on to the property when out of the corner of my eye did I spy a white SUV with blue lettering.

It was about 11:00 AM, nice crisp autumn day and I was beside myself that I was finally here, a place I had read so much about. The place in which I had spent hours online viewing pictures, taken by the luckier ones that had been before me and had accomplished their mission.

I was there in hopes that my trusty camera could perchance capture the feel, the soul of Norwich, but alas I left empty handed and somewhat saddened.

So as I crossed the street, heart racing I walked further up on the grass, to my right there was a church, before me a magnificent building. I edged closer, a little left, a little right to get the perfect shot and not to cross the NO Trespassing sign when I heard, "Ma'am, Ma'am, you can't take pictures here!" I turned to see a security guard and at that moment I knew this was not to be a fruitful trip. I crossed the street again and went over to him and asked, "Why?" "This is private property and your just not allowed to take photographs." "Well," I said coyly, "I wasn't going to go past the No Trespassing signs, even though I would love to get photos inside." Yeh well, whatever..long story short, no matter what I said it didn't matter. The last thing he said was, "You can drive by and take photos but you can't stop." "So can I drive by real slow?" I asked. "You can drive slow just don't stop!" he said. (What happened to I can't take any photos? Although I am not complaining)!!

So, all that blah blah aside, here are my stunning photo's taken whilst in a moving vehicle.

Links(Special thanks to forbidden-places for allowing me to show their stunning work)


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