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BATES MOTEL. Where the guests check in but never check out! . This wreath is the 15th in a series and the second in the movie themed series. For all you Hitchcock fans-Marion, B.S. (before shower). She so wants to come by and visit you, maybe stay a night or two! She says she has money, she can pay her own way!!
She measures about 5 3/4 inches tall and her "bones" are formed of a plastic type material, with a nice touch of age added. At this moment she sits atop a painted 10 inch grapevine wreath adorned with one dead (what else) red rose and some dead flower type plant substance I collected on one of my walks. Ms. Crane is attired in one of Bates Motel's more luxurious towels. Her beautiful blond locks are also hidden by another of said. Completing this wreath is a strand of Raffia, two bells and an aged tag advertising one of the best MOTEL's in the world to spend the night!! [SOLD ]
THE BIRDS. Tippi Hendren as Melanie Daniels. [Sold On: DATE HERE]
SILENT HILL. welcome to..... my interpretation of one of the "stars" from the aforementioned movie, Pyramid Head and his assistant, nurse # 1. The 45th in a series of OOAK un-"Natural" creations from the dArK cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain. Another dark and mysterious night is o'er the horizon and P. Head and one of his minions would love nothing better than to spend it with you! This darling couple measures about 5 3/4 inches tall and their "bones" are formed of a plastic type material, with a nice touch of age added. At this moment they are perched atop a painted 12 inch grapevine wreath adorned with a few vintage rosebuds and a plant type substance I gathered whilst out and about. Nurse # 1 is dressed in her prim uniform & cap. Isn't she just lovely in her crisp, clean, uhhh, wouldn't you just love waking up to that in the hospital? Pyramid Head sports his usual garb, he won't apologize for his appearance (if you were smart you won't ask) (unless of course you want to have a taste of his great KNIFE!) [Sold On: April 5, 2007]

© 2002 - 2008; Debbie Sauvage


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