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THE RAVEN. This wreath was the 16th in a series of "un"natural creations and the second in the POE series. [Sold On: 2006]
NEVERMORE. This wreath was 12th in the series and the first, in the POE series. Quote the Raven .."Nevermore!!" [Sold On: 2006]
ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY. This wreath was 30th in the series and the third, in the POE series. [Sold On: January 23, 2007]
Immortal Beloved. Edgar A. Poe & the love of his life, Virginia Clemm!! The 34th in a series of OOAK un-"Natural" wreaths from the dArK cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain.. Another dark and mysterious night or just another ordinary day is o'er the horizon and Mr. Poe and his cousin/wife would love nothing better than to spend it with you! This darling couple measures about 5 3/4 inches tall and their "bones" are formed of a plastic type material, with a nice touch of age added. At this moment they are perched atop a painted 9 3/4 inch grapevine wreath adorned with a heart made of pinecones & a rusted bell (which can be removed). Virginia is dressed in a coffee " aged" veil made of cheesecloth and dress (also "aged"). Edgar carries with him the latest draft of some of his short stories. [Sold On: April 5, 2007]

© 2002 - 2008; Debbie Sauvage


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