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TELL TALE HEART. "it is the beating of his hideous heart!" Master Poe & that tormenting heart!!! The 31st in a series and the fourth, in the POE series. Darkness is just around the corner and Mr. Poe and the noisily beating heart would love nothing better than to spend it with you! Since E.A.P. seems to be in pieces he only measures about 4 inches tall and his "bones" are formed of a plastic type material, with a nice touch of age added. At this moment, what's left of him is disassembled (under the floorboards) in a 4x6 painted shadowbox with glass front. Above Edgar's head is an aged tag which spells out the title of one of his memorable short stories. [Sold: January 31, 2007]
Lenore. Poe's Lenore. [Sold: SOLD
Ghost Bride. left at the altar.. Ms. Ima Strange, the Ghost Bride... The 39th in a series of OOAK un-"Natural" creations from the dArK cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain. Yes, we have all heard the tales of woe, women left standing at the altar, wondering where he is, why he wasn't waiting, watching as she walked down the aisle. Such was the case decades ago for our beautiful ghost bride. She died that day, right there in front of all her family and friends of a broken heart. Little did she know that her one true love was on his way to their impending union when his horse got spooked and he fell to the ground, hitting his head on a rock and suffering amnesia. He truly did love her with all of his heart, but he never regained his memory and she never knew the truth. SO, eternally she waits in her uncle Edgar's parlour, hoping her beloved will walk through the door. The wooden shadow box measures, 7 x 7 inches and 2 inches in depth. It is painted black with a hint of copper. On the wall of the "parlour" is a copper frame which contains the image of her favorite uncle. Ima measures about 5 3/4 inches tall and her "bones" are formed of a plastic type material, with a nice touch of age added. She is still wearing her lovely, but aged wedding dress and holding a lone flower, what's left of her beautiful wedding bouquet. Shadowbox [Sold: April 5, 2007]
POE SKULLBOX. [Sold: April 2008]
ROUND POE BOX. [Sold: 2007]

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