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I bid thee welcome.You honor me by crossing the threshold to my dark little corner of the web. Please come in and sit down in the parlour, I'll pour you a cup of hemlock, I mean, tea and tell you a little about myself.

I've always been a little off kilter, to be quite frank I think of myself as quite sane and "normal." The world I grew up in, the 50's, 60's era, was awash with awesome B movies of the horror and sci-fi genre, and the National Enquirer headlines were full of bizarre tales & better still PHOTO'S of two headed babies, martians, ufo's and oddities that might even reside in that sewer near you! I guess this is where it all began, where my interest and curiousity was piqued. Since then, I became (subconsciously) interested in "other" worldly type things and this is what lead me down the thorn laden path to where I am today, creating my minions.

I started dabbling in all of this about 7 months ago, in October, (06). One day, whilst shopping for Halloween decor I happened upon these darling little skeletons and thought wouldn't they look "cute" all dressed up. Well, yes they would, but what would happen if they were all dressed up with no place to go? So I decided to give them a nice "resting" place, wreaths, a story to go with it and it was off to eBay and new homes to haunt!! Being it was the holiday season they sold pretty well-ie: great Halloween door decor, etc. I did appreciate the business but I wondered what would happen after Halloween had come and gone. Luckily for me, there are other "warped" individuals out there that appreciate the darkside as do I! So now, 45 creations later, thanks to those darkling little folks, I am still here, creating away.

I have branched out alittle as the skeletons had grown weary of just "hanging around." Some were lazy and just wanted to sit around and NOT on wreaths, so I had to find other places for them to rest.

If you have the time or inclination please look over my OOAK (original-one-of-a-kind) offerings to the right. Most of these items have been sold on eBay and quite a few of them were sold to repeat buyers. I even had a customer from Switzerland!

Please feel free to stop by anytime and as often as you like because I love the company! If you would be so kind please take a moment & leave feedback (please see below unsold items for feedback from satisfied customers!!) on my creatures of the night, we are always trying to improve ourselves and your thoughts would be most appreciated.

Also here you will find some creations I have not sold as of yet, you can find these by looking at the bottom of the menu in the items not sold link! For a larger view of any of my creations please just click on the image. If you are interested in anything or have a question, please feel free to drop me a note. P.S. This page is still under construction and needs much improvement. Please forgive the lack of pertinent info in places, I will adjust as time permits.

Thank you-the Management ^v^

merry mourning & night....

yours eternally...



If you have any suggestions, questions or comments about my site, or if you basically just want to annoy me... You can scrawl out a message, pop it in a bottle and jetison it into space (address: excess void--somewhere in the blackness).

Or, deposit it here:


Customer comments:

AWESOME. What a fabulous piece of art. A+++ Highest recommendation. l.a., CA

Really a great piece of art! V., IN

Another inspired creation depicting Poe. I love it. l.a., CA

This is really quite beautiful, and I love it. l.a., CA

Awesome painting! Keep up the good work! V., IN

As always, I love the wreaths you make! V., IN

Great wreath! He loves it, thanks! P., VA

Incredible gothic wreath! M.

wonderful fabulous ooak!! very detailed and beautiful.. thanks!! D.


fabulous item to add to my gothic collection. P.D.


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