star gazing

The following photos are of people that I have met over the years. Some are famous or were famous. You can judge for yourself. :) Also I have added some pictures of some whom have crossed to other side. They will always have a place in my thoughts and I honor their memory as their light still shines bright in the night sky. I still am and forever will be on my quest to meet the "stars". Therefore, this will be updated as conventions come to town or I am at the right place at the right time. Please note these are not placed in order of their importance to me personally.

  1. Whom I met personally
  2. Who I spotted somewhere and perchance hoped to meet
  3. Other friends or relatives met them and got either pics or autos for me.

Also there will be times I only have autographs and no pictures. Well the answer to that is that they wouldn't let me bring in a camera (X-files convention) or I didn't have one (d'oh).

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