The Captain's Log

James Doohan Beam me up,Scotty...There is no intelligent life on this planet.

Ok Trekkies, you know who this is: a fine scottish bloke named Scotty...James Doohan. I met him at a video store, Erol's perhaps. Left work early again for this one, but it was more for my friend Shirley's benefit. She is a major Trekkie! He was a very nice man, great sense of humor. At least he lets you photograph him and sign autographs than some other star trek actors whom shall remain nameless. LOL

Ahh another nice man, George Takai...Sulu, another great guy from Star Trek. I met him at a SciFi/Star Trek Convention. Have pictures of him also which I will add later. The line was too long therefore no one was allowed to have their photo taken with him. George Takai

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