UPDATE July 19, 2004

We were discussing the Paranormal at work today and Heather told me of a picture she took of her friend, Ronnie one coldish night in late March early April 2004 around midnight. They were out rollerblading on the "other side" of the hill from our house. OMG....it is thumbnail #2 above!! No one was smoking, no fog, no rain...etc. All other photo's from that night came out "normal." The picture was taken with a digital camera. As for the 1st thumbnail-it is a photo of Anne Rice and I taken at a book signing many years ago at the Springfield Mall. Yes..it probably is just a blurry photo but how bizarre that all other photo's came out fine?? Hey is that a chainsaw over my head???

Well you can go ahead and throw your head back, laugh. Go ahead. But I will prevail, to what end I do not know. I will further my quest no matter how many think me mad. Truth, I am feeling this all is a futile attempt but I decided to try anyway.

I have always been interested in the paranormal. Ha Ha, for you that know me well, anything not the norm. So here I am, it was bound to happen sooner or later, right? If any of you-out there have been visiting my site for a time, you will know I have been a member of the, "IGHS"-International Ghost Hunters Society. I let my membership lapse for a time as I had become busy with other things but recently joined again. My curious nature had recently become piqued again and I paid my dues, if only to be able to gaze at the numerous photo's others have taken of what they say are orbs, vortex's, ectoplasm and the like. So, how come the masses "capture" what the naked eye cannot see? How come I can't? Well, never let it be said that I wasn't going to try. IF they can-so can I!!!! So here I am. And here it is, for what it is worth.

I decided not to play around and went for the big stuff!! My job affords me contact with many different places along the East Coast. Meaning I know people who work at interesting places, such as Gettysburg Battlefield. And that is where I started this quest and as of this date, well you can see for yourselves in the picutures that follow.

Before you delve into the photo's below may I explain my feelings at the moment. I was tres excited to CAPTURE what I did!!! Wow, I thought I am on my way to becoming one of many ghosthunters that have experienced the thrill of "seeing" a ghost. BUT, (we all knew there would be a but) I am having a major problem with the fact that I have numerous pictures of "ORBS" taken with a digital camera BUT nothing, no "ORBS" showed up on my 35 mm photos. SO what is the deal?

The first row of pictures where taken at the Battlefield in Gettysburg on October 25, 2003 between the hours of 5-8PM. It was a clear night, cool, no bugs, no humidity, lens was clean etc. These were all taken with a Kodak DC4800 digital camera. I also had my 35mm Nikon 65 with me even though it was loaded with B&W film. Notice there are no B&W's pictured here. Hmmmm... That is because none came out with anything out of the norm. A few pictures were taken at Devil's Den and the rest at the Wheatfield. I went to these specific locations as I was told by some friends at Gettysburg that this is where the majority of people "see" ghosts or shall I say capture them on film. Nothing from DD so with the exception of me at DD the rest are from the WF. I was impressed, excited...etc. But as I stated before when I got the film back from the store there was zilch on the B&W. So truly I am perplexed and if any of you have any thoughts on WHY nothing on film as opposed to "something" on digital PLEASE contact me.

I'm back this time with nothing at all ("ORB" wise) except to say that thanks to Ed we went on a Ghost Walk in Alexandria. I had mentioned said ghost walk, as my company offers this option to our school groups while they are touring here in the Washington, DC area. He had expressed a major interest, so off we went. It was the evening of November 1, 2003.. clear skys, cool and the hour was about 7:30 PM. We started at the Visitors Center in Olde Town and from moment one I was deep into the tales of yor. I would and will be taking future walks as it was very interesting and I learned alot of history. That is a miracle for me as I hate history and do not retain much. But I gave our guide much kudo's for a most fascinating hour and a half. As you can see by the photo's below I did not capture any ghosts "on film" although others did with DIGITAL!! When I have a few moments I will describe the places we went and the stories behind as they were most fascinating.

The following link is to a page on my site that deals with a friend's strange experiences:

eternal wanderings

Page still under construction!! I will be adding more of my findings as soon as I delve into the night!! Check back!

Many thanks to

CURLY for the great background and added visuals to my site.

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