Wandering in the dark of night
or casting shadows in the bright of day
they float between the cracks of life and death
trying to be heard.

This page was created due to my fascination of things that are not considered the "norm." Hopefully I will have more to add to this page, but it's up to you! If you have anything you would like to share with others please send it to me, and I will add it to my site as soon as possible.

The following two stories were sent to me by my friend, Mike Warner. They are his accounts of exiled shadows trying to be "heard."

White Horse, Empingham, Rutland
Whilst staying at the White Horse, Empingham, Rutland...the first night of eight in this room, I was wakened by a call of nature at about 1 AM (which was just as well due to the events that followed!!).
I got back into bed and settled down for the rest of my slumber when a sudden and heavy breeze was felt down my back, not anywhere else....not my head or chest, just my back. After attempting to stop the chilly breeze I was grabbed and severely shaken for what seemed an eternity. I could not move, breathe nor speak.....I was like a rag doll and there was not a lot I could do about it. It was such a forceful shake, being forced back into the bed after each powerful lift......I dont know any human that could shake a person with such force. In a desperate bid for this to end, I managed to wheeze out "Go Away!" Suddenly and abruptly I fell back into the bed, then silence. It went as quickly as it came but there was a eerie stillness. A peaceful stillness that I have never experienced before. I'm not sure how, but I managed to drift into sleep, probably due to the new found environment made this a suprisingly easy thing to do. Later on that week I possibly saw a body move across the room, but cant be certain so this can only be dismissed as there is a large element of doubt.

Downham Market, Norfolk
A colleague and I shared a room at a guest house in Downham Market, Norfolk. One night I noticed his breathing sounded strange and I thought that he was having a weird dream. After about a minute I had the strangest feeling in my feet, that they were being compressed on the inside! Words just cannot explain the feeling as the sensation moved up my legs and as it did so the compression in my feet went away. This finally reached my chest and there it stayed for a while not sure how long for. Not being able to move I just hoped it would pass, but slowly suffocating, my concerns were growing by the second. Finally it passed, not over my head but to one side and then it was gone.
The next night my watch went wrong...it was a new watch and everything that could go wrong with it, did. But as time (no pun intended) the pain in my chest grew. My colleague was unable to drive so I had to take the van home, very painfully. During that weekend I could not do anything that involved any exertion as it caused so much discomfort. I found out I had severe soft tissue damage in my chest. Even now, some 5 years later on the anniversary, I get chest pain that I cannot explain. Nothing obvious brings it on, it just comes then goes a few days later.

Out of the two, this experience was the better. The pain was not good, but it wasn't violent. The weekend I was at home after this, I listened to Deadliner from the Sacrifice album for the first time and couldn't believe the similarities.

So I close my eyes and drift into sleep
But something is here
In the dark, in the dream
Like a cruel wind clutching my heart
I feel more than I see
Like a clue to a nightmare that I cant believe
then it touches me and I try to scream
and a thought tears me inside.

I've known fear many time but nothing like this
I'm so scared I cant breathe
I know I'm asleep but I know this is real
and no-one can help me here
I'm deep inside something and I may never come back
and then it was gone
and then I realised that the rush brought it in
and I will never sleep alone again.

excerpts from "Deadliner" gn 1994

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