New York

Spending time in the Big Apple is to adults like going to Disneyworld for kids, so much to do and not enough time. Much to my dismay I do not get there very often. When I am lucky enough to be able to spend time there it is usually for only a few days and I have work related appointments to keep and no time for pleasure. This page was created so I could share with you some of the sites I love there and as time goes by I will add more. I will also be adding some of the best places to dine if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the city that never sleeps.

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Jekyll and Hyde-A great place
to eat and the atmosphere
is to die for, that is if you
are into a different vein.
To find out more about their
creature features you can visit their
website. If you dare.
Hello Deli-Another fine eating establishment.
How could it not be when the great David Letterman
frequently visits Rupert's while taping his show!!
Located right around the corner from the Ed Sullivan
Theatre you can stop by pick up a great sub or
sandwich named after such talents as Biff, Paul (and
the band) and Dave himself. Rupert is a kind soul and
will stop what he is doing to pose with you if you ask.
The Man-David Letterman, himself
and Blue of Blues Clues Fame. Just
one of the many billboards in Times
Square while I visited this past June.
The infamous theater where Dave tapes
his show and makes us laugh.
Times Square
Jerry Seinfeld-No, Jerry does not live in a sewer! This
was a Kodak ad in Times Square. I liked it so here it is.
Statue of Liberty (need I say more?)
Yes I need to get a better shot
the next time I go. This was
taken from the beast (next picture).
The Beast-awesome boat ride along
the Hudson River at 60mph or so,
with a few photo stops! Lots o' fun
if you are into speed!!

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