Halloween 2003

ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Well if ye fine matey's out there take a look through yer spy glass you might figure out what we be in 2003! Shipwrecked on some blasted isle in the Caribbean!! We were thusly influenced by some mouse (rat) at Disney, "The Pirates of the Caribbean-Curse of the Black Pearl." It was grand to be "OUT" of the grave after all these years!! (HAHA) Numerous scallywags and ner do wells landed and interupted the evenings festivities. Don't know how their ships made it through the treacherous coral reef & swollen seas but they managed somehow! Quite frankly all they wanted was THE booty but we fought them back, swords and fists ablaze!! We managed to keep most of the plunder for ourselves as we put up a good fight....arggggghhhhh. Thank the stars above as the true reason for their invasion was the KEY!! A key from the land of the mouse, the key I myself aquired in a horrific battle and will not give up. Said treasure is worth more than it's weight in gold. Perchance touched by the hand of none other than the great pirate himself, Jack Sparrow!!! The key be safe, but that is more than I can say for my moustache that felt the need to detach itself and aim for the stars!!

Arghhhh till next time, stay afloat, may the wind take ye to yer port...but far from ours!!! >click on thumbnail for larger image

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