Halloween 2002

We visited some strange places this past year and had the overwhelming urge to "morph" into some of our favorite or challenging personas. Me- well I changed into one of my favorite alter-egos...a creature of the night.I always seem to revert back to my dark side as I like it there. As for the minions well if you have visited Silent Hill I need speak no further. BUT for those of you that haven't had the pleasure...the pain... (ahh the horror) of vacationing there well we did off and on Many times over the months. Let's just say Valerie transformed into what we FONDLY call.."Pyramid Head" and Heather became ..Maria..and I don't mean the sweet Maria from West Side Story!! Other fiends that stopped by for a bite where Duane-Zero..(puppyyyyyyyyyy)Erin-Pyramid Head in training, and Ronnie-as himself. We didn't have as many guests this year BUT I think all that dropped by enjoyed the show as our personnas were captured on film by many!! Lucky them!

Till next time..sweet dark dreams...

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