Halloween 2001-another night come and gone. Even though it was stated last year that we were bored with the decor/theme and said we would change it, well, obviously we did not. If you can believe it, my dark heart wasn't "into the spirit" this year. I am sure anyone can understand why, September 11, 2001. I had thoughts of not decorating, not celebrating my favorite (other than Christmas) holiday but then I will not succumb to terrorists demands. And truly why should the children suffer!! Therefore below please find the 2001 version of Halloween, hopefully for your viewing pleasure. We usually torment over 100 children and adults. Sadly this year the ghoul's numbers had dwindled to around 50. But for those that ventured forth I think they were entertained.

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Well it seems as though the famous or infamous stopped by to haunt us..(evil grin inserted here). Morris Day and the Time!!..lol.. Heather and Valerie paid tribute to two of their favorite guys by transforming into Jay and Silent Bob. I think they did a fantastic job. For those of you who are questioning who??? First off, shame on you!!! Seriously, if you haven't seen: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and last but not least, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, well what are you waiting for?? check them out!!! Snoochie Boochies!!!

As for me, I opted to transform into one of my favorite Tim Burton characters, Sally (Jack Skellington's girlfriend) from Nightmare Before Christmas. Another great movie you should view, if you haven't already.

Later on...that same evening..Heather's alter ego decided she needed to emerge as "Raven," a character from PS2's Twisted Metal.

Among other noteables (fiends) that swooped in...Michelle, a good witch, Erin, a chicken with lonngg legs... and of course last but not least Elizabeth...uh, I mean Yoda. I really wish Yoda had brought along Darth, Obi and Chewie... :) Til next time...sweet dark dreams

"We all go a LITTLE mad sometimes."
Norman Bates

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