For Michel.....

I write these words of love to you
in hopes of easing your pain
to take away your lonliness
to free your heart again.

You've lived thru eons of time
in the darkest depths of night
not hearing a bird's sweet song
nor seen the dawn's first light.

There is more to life than mere existence
if you would only let me try
I could make your night's shine bright
as if the sun were high in the sky.

Your life has been a long one
a void filled with despair
for you spent eternity
searching for someone to care.

The day is full of many things
but without you there, it seems to be so cold
You have shown me the magic of the night
and all the secrets that it holds.

I want to be with you (in the middle of the night)
for you have sparked my emotions.
I want your arms to hold me tight
for you have captured my devotion.

I am mere flesh and bone
but my spirit no longer sleeps,
for you have ignited a fire
and my desires run deep.

The essence of my being
courses through my veins.
Consume me, savour the sensation
I give unto you, life again.

I am the only one who understands,
what you need to survive.
Your days of loneliness now past
if you'll succumb to a love like mine.

Your love has found my passion,
something that died long ago.
Your touch has opened the door
and brought forth an inner glow.

I give unto you all that I am
a mere mortal, nothing more.
But all I possess is yours
throughout this life and forevermore.


© db

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