The following creations where done by my friend Michael. Whether they come from the depths of his mind or perchance his hand is the ultimate creator, well, one has to wonder. This page will be under constant renovations, due to his input. Please feel free to stop back often and let us know what you think.

Mike Brienza

Born in 1968 and raised in Mt. Vernon, New York I always loved to draw. My parents told me that I was the quiet one in the family. That's because there would be a pen or pencil in my hand at all times and I would be hard at work on something, whether it be a dinosaur or a robot, it would occupy my attention for hours. Mom and Dad would actually throw me out of the house sometimes just to interact with the neighborhood kids.

Ever since seeing a pen and ink drawing my sister did, I fell in love with illustration. She passed on the career, so I took the torch and ran with it.

I have always drawn weird and strange things because still life's are limited. Watching all those black and white horror movies hosted by Chiller on Sunday mornings probably had something to do with warping my sense of creativity.

My favorite technique is pen and ink, because you can do so much with cross hatching and free style. Most of the time I will try to let the illustration tell it's own story, or having the viewer make up their own, that's what makes it fun for me.

I have been living in Florida for the past 23 years.

Here are a list of my favorite artists/influences:
Brad Holland
Jean "Moebius" Giuard
Ralph Steadman
Nick Bantock
H.R. Giger
Frank Franzetta
Bernie Wrightson
Michael Kaluta
Harvey Kurtzman
Gustav Klimt
and many more

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