my homage to a man that I've been fond of since the early 70's

I remember fondly the days of my youth, after high school graduation. I got a job and bought my first car, a used Datsun 510 loaded with a non-factory equipped a/c and an 8 trak tape player!!!! I had a ho-hum 9-5 job during the week as a secretary/bookeeper at a television parts warehouse. Therefore, I lived for the weekends so I could get up and go driving around Fort Lauderdale, and listen to Ziggy play guitar on my 8 trak tape player. It was the only tape I played for months.....Freak out in a Moonage daydream, oh yehhh...

Anxiously awaiting this Sunday May 16, 2004-finally going to, "The Reality Tour concert!" The one that was cancelled back in December 2003! I am sure I won't be able to get photo's but will have a full report on said..ASAP!!!
Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary

This page is still under creation. Stay tuned for Bowie Films.