Bowie-Reality Tour, May 16, 2004

Bowie-Reality Tour

Again I have waited to long to add this page-dedicated to a concert I attended over a month ago! But life threw its little pebbles into the mix and created a bit of an avalanche, so it goes and here I am...finally. Well, what can this reviewer say of this concert? It arrived a little late BUT better late than never!!

As any Bowie fan knows, especially us here in VA, we finally got to see the MAN after a 5 month wait! DB was scheduled to come here way back in December of 2003 but due to illness he had to cancel at that time. It has been so long but I think we were 2nd or 3rd in the touring schedule. The bottom line is he got over the illness, he was now here and he was awesome-MAN HE GETS BETTER WITH AGE!!! (Don't we all??) Heather and I arrived around 6:50 PM-had great seats. The opening band was the Stereophonics, a plus for Heather-a big fan! I thought they were great. Lead singer (will add name later-sorry I don't know) was gracious and stated that, "They were going to play the following song, "MAYBE TOMORROW," for David as it was his favorite." "And after all, that is why we are all here, to make David happy!!" True!!

The following is a list of songs, the MAN performed. (please note that I scrawled these down between clapping, singing, enjoying, pen running out, etc. Now they are probably out of sequence and quite frankly I can't read my scribble but here goes. 8:55 PM
Rebel, Rebel
Sister Midnight
Hang on to Yourself
Young Dudes
Jack LaLane reference
China Girl
Lonliest Guy
Panic in Detroit
Under Pressure
Ashes to Ashes
Afraid of Americans
Suffragete City (sp)
Man Who Sold the World
Loving the Alien
Modern Love
White Light, White Heat

Help, please advise what I have screwed up!!! BTW NO CAMERAS...but then I saw some. I have no photo's but I will add from program when I get a free second!