Bowie & Nine Inch Nails, October 6, 1995

Bowie and NIN tour

Well, what can this reviewer say of this concert? Well one thing I can say is that I have to start writing these "reviews" right after the concert. since I can't remember much now...just bits and pieces. But then again who thought I would ever be doing this anyway. LOL Back to this concert. Before I go on may I take this time to say I am a NIN fan! BUT-- (of course there was a 'but' coming...)

I was not very happy with this concert. Don't get me wrong as Bowie and Trent were fantastic. Unfortunately, my problem was with the audience. They (not all, but a lot) showed little or no respect for Bowie as Trent was the favored son of the evening. Obviously there were more NIN fans that night than Bowie Fans, go figure?? I just find it sad that when Bowie would sing they would talk and totally disregard that he was performing. I certainly didn't stand up and scream for Bowie while Trent was singing (evil laugh). I don't know... must be my age. The concert was great all the same. By the way, I had lousy seats but at least I was not out in the grassy knoll of the Nissan Pavilion.