Sound and Vision Tour, July 18, 1990

sound and vision

This concert was memorable thanks to the Multiple Sclorosis Society. They were offering tickets and dinner at the Merriweather Post Pavilion for a donation. We arrived early and had special parking, therefore the hike wasn't as long as usual. We then enjoyed our picnic-style dinner while listening to numerous sound checks and then the man himself warm up those great vocal chords.

About an hour later, the masses started to arrive and it was time for the concert. Our seats were not as good as the last concert; this time we were in the 14th row, but who's complaining. As with every Bowie concert I have had the priviledge of attending this one was great, even in the heat of summer!

*Please note: No photography was allowed at this concert. Therefore below please find Heather's (age 5) rendition of Bowie at the concert.

bowie portrait by my daughter