Glass Spider Tour, September 28, 1987

glass spider tour

It was another frantic day at work! (Being a preschool teacher for three-year-olds keeps you wired.) One day would be especially hectic because my co-worker, Alice, would be absent, and with good reason I might add. Early that morning she was off to the Capital Centre to stand in line for the Bowie ticket lottery. The lottery was being held so that the throngs of Bowie fans could pick numbers that would indicate where they would be in line to purchase tickets for the upcoming Glass Spider concert.
She arrived at the crack of dark and was 10th in line. Finally it came time to draw her number and the stars smiled upon us as she picked #2. We ended up with 4th row tickets! WOW!!!!!!! This would be the closest I have been to a stage for a concert with the exception of the old days when there were no seats. Fourth row, middle!!! We were in heaven to say the least.

Ahhhh but there was a slight catch. NO cameras allowed. Woe is I thought I would be able to capture DB's infectious smile, not to mention other things on film...dancers and such Well no big deal...I'll hide a 35mm somewhere on my person BUT another snag. Rumour had it there would be searches of purses and bodies. Hmmm I couldn't hide that 35mm...hmmm, no I couldn't. So I opted for one of those cheezy throw-aways instead.
Anyway, finally the night arrived. We drove to the arena and before disembarking from the car it was time to stratigically place the camera on my person. I did and I said a few prayers that it wouldn't be found. To make a long story SHORT..look below. Those two pics were taken at said concert. I would have captured more with my trusty 35 but these are better than nothing. :) The concert was awesome; everyone had a wonderful time.

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