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Greetings fellow creatures of the night, so pleased you crossed over the threshold of your own accord, you made the right choice. By the looks of your clothes you must have traveled far. Please brush off the dust from the road and have a seat. Here, enjoy a glass of the green fairy and join me as I travel the night via the void. picture by Jim Gowans

Our first stop is a visit to New Orleans with the great authoress herself...Anne Rice. She was on the road promoting her latest book, "Memnoch, the Devil," when I met her. Well it was another case of being at work when all the good things are happening. Luckily Valerie was able to get there early and get us a place in line. 5:00 PM FINALLY arrived and off I went to the Mall. I walked up to the entrance and what to my astonished eyes did appear but a line out the door and down the sidewalk! Since Valerie was nowhere to be seen I hoped she was somewhere in the bowels of the store. I opened the door, and proceeded down to the depths of "Crown Books." The line snaked thoughout the whole store! I found Valerie after a few minutes and she was pretty close, only a few rows away from where Ms. Rice was sitting comfortably signing her latest.
Valerie's friend John was much farther up in line and came over to us after his meeting with Anne. He asked me if I wanted him to take a picture of Anne and I together. Well since I figured that they would not allow cameras and I didn't bring mine (again) I was delighted with his offer. About 20 minutes later it was my turn, Ms. Rice was all dressed in WHITE..a white wedding dress to be exact : [ BUT she had a nice bouquet of black roses sitting on the desk ] : She was as I expected very cordial, she signed my books and smiled as John shot the photo. I left feeling evil (in a good way), my heart smiled.
A few weeks passed John called, the photos were back! BUT there was something bizarre about the pictures. Hmmmm wonder what he could be talking about? A few days passed and he arrived, photos in tow. As we started looking through the pictures he said he was going to save the best for last. We looked at his pictures and I wondered to myself of what he could have meant by something being bizarre. The pictures looked perfectly normal to me, that is until we got to the pictures of Anne. You see the whole roll of film was fine, with the exception of the few that were taken with Anne. As you can see this picture is not quite normal. And neither were the ones of John with Anne : [ lol

Anne's signature Me and Anne

9/6/01 I have been very lax about keeping up with this page, shame on me! I will try to give it more of the personal attention it deserves in the near future. For now I leave you with the following..a few places you might perchance be able to sink your teeth into.


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