Always There


I think before this body I inhabit
came to life in this time
I existed long ago, not once, not twice
but many more.

I seem to recall certain feelings
little moments from the past
Flashes coming back to me, of the
existence which was mine.

The memories are vague,
just fragments of thoughts
But as real as I am now,
or have ever been throughout eternity.

Lips brushing my cheek or
a hand gently caressing mine
A familiar face, a presence,
someone who was always there.

Long ago in the distant past,
or as close as birth,
Someone followed me
through all my lives upon this earth.

Sharing a smile or holding me close
as tears fall from my eyes
Someone with a different name
but just the same, always there.

This particle of time, of which I now reside
is one of the most precious to me
For now I am aware of the past
the present, another traveler in time.

Always there, somehow forgotten
not willingly, death steals images
But in this life, for some reason
it has all become so clear.

The point of these words, to most may not be clear
it's just my way of conveying a feeling
That my special someone has been
and will continue to be "always there".

© Deborah Burgess

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